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Flowing Hair Dollar Pcgs. $4000 pointed 9, 4 lines, choice original, crusty gray patina, cac approval, osprey collection. 1795 flowing hair silver dollar $1.

flowing hair dollar pcgs
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A prized piece for an early type set. Aud $ gbp £ cad $ cny ¥ eur € inr ₹ jpy ¥ chf.

1781 Medal Libertas Americana Silver Regular Strike

Cartwheels like the morgan and peace dollars. Congress had specified a peculiar alloy of 1485/1664 silver and 179/1664 copper, for a fineness of.8924+.

Flowing Hair Dollar Pcgs

Flowing hair silver dollar, graded pcgs sp66.Full borde
r denticles are present on both sides and the design details and legends are fully defined.He was succeeded by william kneass.Its authorized fineness differs, too, but its actual fineness doesn’t, because of some curious doings at the mint.

New 1795 flowing hair half dollar graded by pcgs as an f15 and designated a “discovery coin”Numismatics, but only recently is the pedigree understood to a comfortable degree.Oswald coins have earned exalted status in u.s.Professional coin grading service ( www.pcgs.com) has confirmed a new die marriage for the 1795 flowing hair half dollar.

Robert scot was the first chief engraver of the united states mint from the inception of the united states mint in 1793 until his death in 1823.Scot also designed the popular and rare flowing hair dollar coinage along with the liberty cap half cent.So, while the value of the u.s.The 1794 is a famous rarity and one of the keys to a complete set of silver dollars, while the 1795 relatively.

The coin was struck with a previously unknown obverse die and is now recognized as the new overton 133 variety.The coin was struck with a.The coins were produced for just two years from 1794 to 1795 at the philadelphia mint.The flowing hair design is shared by the contemporary half dime and silver dollar, with each of the series representing desirable examples of this historic design which circulated within the early united states.

The flowing hair dollar is slightly larger and heavier than later u.s.The flowing hair dollar represents the very first silver dollar and the largest silver denomination minted in the united states.The flowing hair half dollar was designed by robert scot.The highlight of the evening was the $10,016,875 sale of the coveted 1794 flowing hair silver dollar, a superb gem specimen example, the finest known to exist.

The pictures reflect fairly accurately the way it.There are some light adjustment marks on the obverse that can be seen with a glass.There is ample lustre for the pcgs au55 grade.This 1795 dollar has primarily silver/grey surfaces with a bit of light brown, no visible hairlines or other obvious signs of cleaning.

This almost uncirculated 1795 flowing hair dollar has very nice eye appeal, color, and surfaces.This coin was consigned to me by an advanced collector.Toned in fiery golden orange and steel gray hues.Usd $ aud $ gbp £ cad $ cny ¥ eur € hkd hk$ inr ₹ chf.

What a nice example of the issue and grade.